Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No need to fill hotwater bottles anymore!

Instead of an electric blanket I've got me an 'Electric warm bag' from Thailand. It's amazing!!!
You just hook it up to it's adapter and charge it for around 5-8 minutes and the bag stays warm for a whole night. Woke up tismorning (ha, in spellcheck 'tismorning' comes up as 'dismounting').... to find it still was retaining its heat. I just hugged it for ages as i was freeezzing.

There it is charging away.

I was holding it while i was walking around the house today then i remembered that Madonna music video for 'Nothing Really Matters' where she's holding a bag of air? i dunno, think there's water in it. it's sweird. anyway... I was basically Madonna going around the house holding my bag of water.


just watched the whole video there.. it's fucking weird.