Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Some may call it excess

But, I mean, if Coco* said it's chic...
Also, this can serve as a handy reminder and source of strength on my 1 month shopping hiatus, April 1st, it begins.

*Not this one, this one.


So here be the result of the camera i got. 4 snaps in 1. strue.
It works best outside as i had a lottt of dark ones.
Note to self: ONLY use outside

Didn't really want to put this picture up but it made me laugh. Am i sneezing? Being a Monkey? Singing?? No no, i wouldn't sing in my backgarden. The neighbours would hear.
Who knows. Not even me. I can't remember. but the more i look at it the more i think i was being a monkey.

This one is Scribbles jumping onto my lap its shows how the camera works. Drew a lil arrow to follow the story.

Scribbles toughts.

1. Oh there i am, peeking at the top right. Fingers cross i make it. She better not move!
2. oeuf, i'm not quite there. Bit of a blur but ya know where i'm heading. YOUR LAP.
3. YUS! 2 paws down, another 2 to go.
4. Totes going to make it. Why haven't my back paws landed yet?


Monday, March 29, 2010

Colouring outside the lines.

This is the bag my belated gifts were in. ClickclikDccker drew this lovely drawingIt doesn't really show up in this picture but i wanted to colour it in like a 4yr old. Think i succeeded. Whipped out my oil pastles and got to work.

yes that's a giant bean like face at the side.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

You'll need these come exam time.

Well, you'll need some of them. Specifically, you'll need this one:

I know that if you're reading this, chances are you're not a rabid american footballer. But when you're sitting in an exam, sweating like Joeseph Fritzl on cribs, clueless as to what you should be writing, remember this speech. Fight for that inch, and maybe you'll pass by compensation.

But not everyone will fight for that inch. Some will attempt to cheat. But no matter what you do, don't be a scoundrel and snitch:

Of course, it may be the case that you fail, and decide to go batshit insane. If you do, let this be of inspiration.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Mother's Day BobE.

So Liam and I hit up the Bow mount veggie market earlier, picked up some lovely free ranged eggs, scallions and chorizo. Used them to make this yum-elette. while cooking it i realised i didn't get the mother anything for the day that is mother's day. Looking at this masso pan i thought "Hmm don't think i'll eat all of that (actually would have), think ill give bobE half".
So that's what i did. I'm nice like that. She loved it.

I had this half. It had more chorizo on it..... i know what yous are all thinking. "Is that full fat milk!??" .. Eh yeah, it is. All you soya and slim milk folk can go and Suck It!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Art Bitch

Today i recieved a belated birthday present and i'm glad. It's whop. This camera is a member of the Lomography family. These cameras are oh so sweet and fit nicely in your old worn leather satchal. a plus. So when you're walking down the street and you see something really sweet/vintage/artsy (guy vomiting on Molly's baps) ya can whip it out andBAM! 4 amazing images in 1 of the vomin mess.Actually dying to use it. It uses the norm 35mm film so it doesn't eat up your squids with pricey film.
Thank you ClickclikDccker.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I said God Damn! God Damn...

It seems I bought rather a lot of things, and there I thought I'd lost my mojo. Self imposed ban on the consumerist frenzy is in order I feel. Check the Sgt Pepper Jacket! Also, it's only my burdee dress in the pile too. Like a game b'cept in games I'm not bankrupt...
In London news, those free papers have subsided so, I dunno about how bad you felt for the paper-hander-outters but, I can now make it down Oxford Street without ending up with at least seven of the same rag. Also, it seems every second lady has a Mulberry and I even spotted an Alexa at the Portobello Market on this wealthy Italian babe. Bitch. And shamefacedly made my way over to a market stall and bought my notsevenhundredsquids poor substitute..which is still awesome, just not THE bag. Fuuuck I wanna go back.

P.S Grizzly Bear were fucking AMAZING. See them live afore you die, thank me after.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

when the rents are away

I eat pasta and pesto for breakfast and crunchy nut cornflakes and coffee for dinner and stalk around in the nip and shower with the door open.. just cos I can it really is the life can't wait for my open plan sweet flat loft when I get big and have real life money there will be no doors in my home no surreee

Asidenote since I am trying to stop drinking and debauchery I need a new hobby so I decided to start a hedwig book club.. we can combine it with our forever planned come dine with me xtra factor on ice extravaganza'll be so lovely

idears for first book?? open to suggestions from ''Katie Price: A whole new world'' to brave new world ..

Stuff White People Like

AS I relax on my Ikea bed, perusing the Internet, I come across a darling wee site. I skipped the first blog post on account of it being about Conan O' Brian (not a fan). But this entry: was exactly to my liking. Reminds me of some of the pretentious rebel shit us Hedwigs come up with.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

In Honour Of

My impending trip to that most fair of cities, London for birfday celebrations up to and including Sunday night funtimes seeing both Grizzly Bear and Beach House at the one gig.. (hold the jizz) ..I'ma take a look at Victoria Legrand of the latter for both style and, lets be honest, rub my travel plans in just a little bit. (Hiiiii Rory.)

What with being Paris born she has that whole French ingenue thing going for her, add in the big eyes and even bigger hair and we've got some serious envy material. This isn't even taking into account the mega-dreamy voice and perfect job what with the touring and general 'I'm in a band' lifestyle the lady leads. Aside from this she and Alex Scally (Beach House bandmate) were picked out by Grizzly Bear, also awesome, as a band to watch means I've already got some bones to pick with the lady. Then she goes and dresses all amazing but in the irritating way that you know if you wore a full length turquoise dress to the dunes you'd look like a crazy person. I don't hate though, in fact I fully intend getting as close to her as I can to absorb some of the aura.
Here you go anyways, I even went to the trouble of making a collage, I'm nice like that.

Also, go here and listen. So. Very. Good.
Or just look at the video here, or both. I advise both.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Getcha ya glow wands out

Pogo is the name of this Aussi DJ. He uses sounds from films and adds a lil of his own stuff to make epic songs. Listen to songs Alice and UPular.

Listen to all his stuff at

Saturday, March 6, 2010


With frothy coffee. Set up for the day, fer sure.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Don't know if I should tell you this but..

ASOS now accept Laser cards, this means you no longer have the all important buffer between seeing something and persuading your ma to give you her credit card. So, I dunno if you guys know this but it is my birthday in exactly a week...
On an unrelated note, they stock TBA. Now that Luella's gone tits up it's the go to label for pretty, feminine, kindasorta affordableish, dresses. Nice, right? Check their website here.

(I know the photo is from the Urban website but it's just a better picture, they do sell it on ASOS though)

Another website only too happy to take Laser is Cdwow, not only can you buy all your sweet indie films and books on here (I got an Edie Sedgwick bio AND Harold and Maude!) they also sell megacheap make up. Por ejemplo, Lancôme Oscillation mascara for 22 bones, it's like, 32 in Brown Thomas plus you get none of their sniffy 'tude and loyalty card pushing ways. Besides all the fun you'll have receiving packages and playing with the vibrate function on your new mascara (minds out of the gutter, please) it came gift wrapped, if that's not a sign of some deity approving of my spending I don't know what is.
Obviously it wasn't the shop doing it to encourage further purchasing, guh.

How Do You Like Your Eggs In The Morning?

I like mine Spanish omelette style, with chorizo (ha) and a big filthy mug of tea. But cuz I'm a fashion blogger, I'll take mine with soya milk. Oh, and when you say "morning", you mean quarter to two on a Friday avo, right?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Choose the babe that is your fave.

I hate the passport application form. So much to fill out. sigh.

"I wanna see how red it is"

AS I tend to agree to anything when favours are asked of me while in a half sleep state I ended up making the dinner. Sure, I could have resigned myself to preparing a lacklustre dry mince, potato and two veg style dinner. But then I thought, fuck this, I'm not eating that shite. So I pick up a few bits from M&S and whipped this little thing up.

No biggy like. Yes, they are gourmet bangers and oh yeah, that mash is stained red from the sweet red pepper bits. Added a bit of leeks too. And a shit load of butter. The Ma was gagging for the recipe

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And on wednesdays we wear turbans

you saw the trend here first...durags and turbans alike are set to take the fashionistas by storm. seen on the likes of carrie bradshaw in the upcoming SATC sequal turbans are to be the new IT item in terms of fashion. here at hedwig we always knew this form of tribal headwear would live to strike again amongst the fashion world! so get your headscarfs out people and pin jeweled brooches or even old earrings onto them.
(recession busting tip- why not make your own? find out here...
you know you love me xoxo Hedwig