Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm all set for leccie picnic

Still got it

think so, trés sexy
stolen from here

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hello Sunflower .

So myself, ClickClikDccker and Bad M visited the lil Botanics today . All around they had new artsy sculptures, one's that really get you thinking. What is art, is art art? are we art?.. Here's a few snaps of some of these life changing masterpieces.

silver apples wrapped around a tree.
makes you think eh?

yup that's a teapot trapped in something and below plastic spoons dangle suspended by string.

This is my fave.

Nope that's not a hole but a mirror.

real sweet

Whooper Sunflowers hit Botanics. look at that beast.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Papa Razzy

Urban have launched a campaign to "restart and reinvent instant photography". With this babe hitting the shelves I'm behind this worthwhile cause. At 80 odd sterling its going on my ever growing wishlist

Friday, August 28, 2009

Home girl made it on to the front cover of Vogue!

Hedwig Style 09! Can you believe it?!?!!
Ps. a London post is due soon, sorry for the delay. Lazy Gaga and Sweetie Stack will be guest blogging in the near future and an ode to Anne Trap is on the way too. Peace out A-town. Hedwig kisses xo

Sunday, August 23, 2009

bleedin mad.... (I think not)

i papped this sweet babe who was asolutely scarlet when her masso hair extensions disengaged themselves from her scalp and fell to the floor. Of all places this mortifying event happened in the heart of Santry (goes without saying I pretended not to know her to preserve my street rep). The poor girl dropped to the floor with the speed of snitch to recover her dignity and try to re attach the fallen threads of horse hair.

p.s a hedwig night is well in order so lets get our skates on and organise one ye

Friday, August 21, 2009


One of the perks of working where I do means I'm not forced to wear summat gross into work, once in a while I get three things 60% off (used to be 75, baxtards).
Annnyways, I've got two out of the three so far and I think they're preeeetttty.

p.s can you tell it's been a nothing day?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sweet tings for lazy gaga

Here are some of Hedwig's favourite pretentious, in your face FASHION blogs:
Just a few because I'm about to ko now from this wretched swine flu! Adios babes, promise to do some sweet blogs tommorow. NIGHT xo


These two guys were papped outside the toilets in the Bernard Shaw beside the hedwig sticker.
I told them id put this picture up . so there ya go. They said they would check out the blog, so maybe .

Friday, August 14, 2009

OAPs day out

On the last day of LDN Smyth and i went for a ramble down to the Camden Lock. While walking towards the bridge we noticed a congestion of people, everyone was walking around something. As we walked closer we saw a hugee group of OAPs around 40 or 50 of them. All were trying to cross the bridge, in the process they held up the traffic. Some looked like little confused hedgehogs wondering whether to cross or not. They were all piling into some shop. So we walked on by noticing other passerbyer's taking pictures of this strange scene. When we reached the Lock for a sitdown we looked over to see this Rosey and Jim boat being filled to the brim with OAPs. Their purple rinses could be seen for miles. Unfortunately my camera died so i had to use my phone hence shity quality. So they filled the boat and they were on their way. We decided to follow their lil boat trip up to the canal key , as the waited for the water to fill the yoke they all took out their sambos and munched away until the lock thing filled up. One OAP didn't get into the boat until the lock was filled. When she stepped down into the boat the gate opened and they were off. I'm guessing to the zoo.

How would you like to send your sweet ness?

Express please.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

London calling

Tales of sweet Camden town, a new hedwig bag, Lazy GaGa and a lazy bug, cheap ass real ray bans, and litre bottles of vodka. Tommorow I will blog more but for tonight I'm off to bed. Adios dear hedwig followers, sorry for keeping you all in limbo while we were away. Love Hedwig, xo

Monday, August 3, 2009

Just something to tide you over

'till we get back from London town

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Caught in the cat.act.

This lil feline goes by the name of Punch. Recently she has started to take catnaps in the Tuck Familys clothes basket with lovely just washed garments. Roberta saw this one day and had a bit of a freaker as Punch left her cat hairs everywhere resulting in her washing those clothes again. Just looked out the window to see Punch dozing off in the basket so i papped her. I let her stay there cos i'm not bothered by it, she's not sleeping on my clothes.

once upon a time on a sweaty walk

so I did a bit of a trek. It was no everest or ought but it was enough for me. So we were walking along the road when my companion who has a well trained nose did sniff marijuna. Then once we saw it once we saw it everywhere. It was well exciting. Imagine how much money I could make that'd well buy me an electric picnic ticket or two. I picked a few but now I am a bit scared of trying to bring them home even just two leaves as sovereigns because Dehli airport was scary enough without having hash leaves in your backpack. So think I will just leave them here even though it breaks my baba heart to do so. I snapped a few shots though so I will post them when I get home....

Later on the same walk Me and our guide got too tired to go on so we stopped a sweet truck and asked for a lift back to town. This babe and his mate gave us a free lift on the back of his truck. We sang him a few tunes in return for his generosity so it was definitely a win win situation. Also on this trip we got to sit on top of a bus for two hours cos there was no seats. It reminded me of the back of the 13a cos there was a few madzers smoking herb recklessly beside us. They were out of their bins not even holding onto the safety rails. Dublin bus could learn a thing or two about effeciency from these drivers. if there is no room jump on top, just remember to duck on griffith avenue or you might lose your head all the trees and that.