Monday, November 30, 2009

It got a place on the mantel piece.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Double G

Do we all remember this classic!? i hope so.

Granny's Garden. It's so retro i might just vom. just a sweet tiny vom.
I was gonna take pics of the game n all that and put them up but no, this i had to record to show everyone its awsomeness. Photos just don't do it any justice. Oh, and ignore the muffled annoying sound in the background that is my voice. I'm sorry friends you've to deal with that

Lucky yous
(video was ment to be here but it won't upload so pics will have to do.)

He is no help what so ever. and takes forever to fly.


Bitch with a W.


and also this lil beaut of a game. i really should give this back to Debbie...but i don't want to.

Friday, November 20, 2009

slahhh Winfrey.

*sweet tiny tear*

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Choo Choo Choose me"

So i'm googling images for my photography project and came across this ladys photo site. I scroll down a tad to see these wedding photos she me it's a bit of a strange location for a wedding shoot.

yeah, a railroad track...sweird much? maybe he's a train conductor?? but still..

that just looks like he's tryin to leave her there. see how he's not on the track.
"Let go over my hand!"

awh sweet???.. thought i'd edit this photo.


PSA for all hipsters

Next time you consider purchasing the elusive and indie Polaroid camera to create sweet memories such as these

Consider this, the film is hella expensive and hard to get ( great use of it above there..) and your two cameras will sit in your room, empty, mocking you. Also they are way big and delicate. Care must be taken, not my strong point.

See this photo, taken on a digital camera? It cost me nothing.

I realise I have two and no, there is no good reason, let this also be a warning about the perils of late night ebaying. Most especially when you know your mam's passwords.

But i kid, I'm shameless hipster scum, I heart my polaroids and if any kind soul'd like to donate roundabouts 17 yokes so I can buy some film all the better

Monday, November 16, 2009

While i've nothing of worth to say..

I'll continue this trend of flinging pretty pictures at you in the hope you get all distracted.
Okay, so I know she pisses off alotta people and I don't really know about her personal life (or even acting skills) but Sienna Miller dresses hot.
Like, really hot. Not even going into her personal style or anything...she's got some amazing looks down in some of her films. And i get she's not actually dressing herself in these but costume designers don't generally pose for photos so Sienna's what we got.
Alfie and Factory Girl (not even gonna go into Edie, it's a whole other post) are obvi the sixties look, amazing. Then in the Edge of Love she proves she's not a one trick pony with sweet Aran jumpers and 40s chic.
But I didn't need to say all that 'cause basically, looook..

p.s shed a tear for Luella

Sunday, November 15, 2009

E dispensers.

Last night before i hit the road i sat alone drinking watching the film 'The Client'. It was a sweird time. anyway, there was a scene where this mafia guy offered the rebel kid a Pez. I just thought "PEZ! Pez+blog = nice post. Blog it Now!!!" but i lacked a computer at the time. So i wrote it down in my phone so i wouldn't forget. So here i am, avoidin essays listen to Shakiras new album writing about this classic confectionery. Seeing the characters head pulled back to reveal a compressed powdered block sent memories flooding back of these plastic dispensers. Wish i still kept mine. I had Bugs Bunny, Taz and Tweety bird. Cherry was by far the best pez flavour, orange not so much, it left a weird tangy after taste. no thanks mammiee. I remember crushing the orange ones on the ground and using them like chalk..goodd timess. I am now going to be on the look out for these lil beauts. If any o yous see them about town let me know.

They're "Pez mates".. get it?.. ahh i'm witty.


The Pez Song.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Her Da loves Ireland

This babe played the Academy last night. It was a sweet little concert that was filled to the brim with Marina and the Diamonds fans. It had a cosy atmosphere, kinda the same as her EP set. This was her first headline gig in Ireland. whayoo! She opened with 'Girls' and ended her set with 'Mowgli's road', before that she played a piano version of that song, after she walked off stage. Us left thinking, "is she coming back?", then BAM! she comes back out to play the faster version of 'Mowgli's road'. Amazing. She sang, danced and had some banter with the crowd. Good times. She also played her new song 'Hollywood infected your Brain', bitta lovely. If you haven't heard her songs check them out on youtube/myspace and if you'd like to follow her around check out her blog.
(it's a delight to read)

here's a clip of last niotes gig - 'Mowgli's road'

and Academy? 9squids for a drink. no thanks. but really, thanks. cos i bought it. but still... NINE!

and heres a clip from youtube of the gig.

We also made a new friend, as we ran to the bus in the lashings of rain we came across Ray.( he's a masso leaf)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ab-so-lute Babes

Stylecrush. The eternal teenagers, Winona Ryder and Zooey Deschanel. These women DO NOT AGE. Case in point, Wino is older than Angelina Jolie i kid you not.
Anyways they're totally sweet style icons and better than you will ever be, may aswell just give up now.
And, as if that wasn't enough they're both in a load of awesome films, with awesome cast and awesome directors and they just sit around soaking up each others awesomeness.
Por ejemplo, Edward Scissorhands, The Heathers, Beetlejuice and Girl, Interrupted
And, obvi, her Friends cameo.

Then there's Zooey, sweet tiny indie babe. She's got 500 Days of Summer, Almost Famous, Tin Man and, her raison d'etre, Elf under her belt. 'sides that she's also got an ah mazing voice. She's part of She and Him with M.Ward belting out some sweet tuneskis. (My faves)

p.s i'm a creep, i know
picatures from google images

Friday, November 6, 2009

They're the same

So last night after the Charity gig, Smyth, Hedwig, DuRag and i went to Makkie D's. Smyth wanted her chicken nuggets, since we were nearer to Grafton St we went there. She was not impressed, saying " nawhh i don't want no posh goujonssss , i want me nuggetss", in a strong knackcent. We told her to Shup and continued to walk. We got our food and sauntered out to get a taxi. One kinda taximan let us in with our food. Out of no where we started to sing todays hit chart songs and replacing the main words with goujon. For the whole taxi journey we sang.
e.g. Lady Gaga - Love game. " let's have some goujon, this beat is goujon. i wanna take a ride on your disco goujon"
Cranberries - Zombie. " in your gouujonnn, in your goujonnn, gou ew jon go ew jon go ew ew ew jon"
Shakira - She wolf. "There's a goujonn in my closet, open up and set it freeee, aAahhh WooOo"
Those 3 were my fave. The taximan seemed to be enjoying it.