Thursday, April 30, 2009

Third Strike

Spotted well over two weeks ago.

I well anticipated this facemask trend.

p.s women folk do not want to be literally swept off their feet, specifically when their intended mission was to distract you from the friend trying to empty her bladder on the mean streets

Dont Let The Haters Stop You From Doin Yo Thang

You Heard It Through The Grapevine

Just a quick shout out to the sweet babes who work at the Grapevine on Ballymunzer Road. Whether it´s for a sneaky tin for the walk up to Muireann´s, a packet of Malteasers for a study break or a snipe of red wine for your ma, those guys are the best. Great for a free packet of film when you´re on the way to a gaff party or kindly opening the door for when your hands are full with drink. There´s always some haughty mot waiting for her fella to clock off work or they´re playing some footie on the shop floor while watching some aul nature programme on RTE2.
A salute of the highest order


True style is being able to adapt your wardrobe to any situation that life throws at you.
Well done sir!

Make shift Du-rag

For all those recession friendly people out there you will be happy to know that you don't have to run off down to your nearest "My G Superstore" to buy the latest Durags in all shades and colours. All you need is a simple pair of tights. Beg borrow or steal a pair if needs be, but this style of head wear is bang on trend en ce moment and you need to get your hands on one Y'ASAP.
Step 1: Place the gusset part of the tights over your head.
Step 2: Pull each leg part of the tights round to the front of your head and make an "x" with the legs, continue on around to the back of the head and tie your finest bow or not.
Step 3: leave your tail part of the Durag to bellow in the wind and always wear with confidence.
Cheap and Chic as always! Hedwig xo

One commonly asked question - What do hedwig fashion bloggers eat beside pesto and homous?

The Answer - Smash instant mash!... inflatable potatoes...just add water...

big thanks to the fan who managed to take this sneaky snap of one or our noted fashion bloggers bin!..

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Press Gang

Fashion bloggers of the late 80s / early 90s

All you ever need to know in life
I completely forgot to write about a proper do-rag spotting which occured last friday night. So I went to this sweet Motown show in the SHelix. One of the lovely performing singers, who looked a bit like snoop-dog was wearing a proper do-rag, I tried to pap him after the show but desafortunadamente he had removed his do-rag. It was just another definite sign of Jamrag's influence in style trends. Found the clip below of the magical show
check out the first 20 secs of this clip for the do-rag styling

p.s i presume as usual i am probably the slowest on the uptake but I did not know there was an actual dublin fashion blog in real life. And as if by accident or on purpose, but comical neverthelesss, it appears that our blog comes across like a complete mockery of their
pretentious-rebel blog.

Is this a lovely coicidence or just proper genius ???


Everyone knows the hottest place to see and be seen tonight is the DCU summer ball.
The big question on everyone's lips is what to wear...
Luckily for all you sweet indie kids Mark the Cobrasnake's got you covered and with his street cred you'll be the princess of the Santry/Larkhill area.

This babe's got the indie indian look down to a tee with her fringe detail dress and nonchalant posing.
Pick it up here for just 60 bones and watch your name fly up the NME cool list faster than Lindsay Lohan into a pair of leggings.

Sooo much better than all those cowgirl sluhs

See you tonight babes

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Vote Vote Vote For De Valera...

Does anyone remember singing that song in their youth? It's clever to indoctrinate young girls with a sweet skipping song that ends in "...cos we dont want Cosgrave anymore". Anyway, the main point of this post is to make sure that all you indie kings and queens are going to exercise your democratic right to vote.

June the 5th

Just don't do a Paris Hitlon (and I dont mean get papped nickless falling out of a pink limo)
make sure you're on the voter register before you head to the voting station.

Everyone must turn up and have their say as without an active interest in politics we style queens may face dark days of taxes on skinny jeans and raybans, embargos on topshop imports or what about a society in which headbands and lifestyle/fashion blogs are banned.If you really dont cuur, graffiti your ballot with some cheeky hedwig quote to boost our exposure.

P.S. wasn't Dev such a chic geek?babe. heart the glasses

Do Rag or Don't Rag?

So on Friday we set about town scouting for some fashionable swines. We encountered many people with great style and some serious don't rags also but these three photos really stand out for me.
In the first photo we can see the "eggheads," as they wanted to be referred to as. The combo really stand out from the crowd by using a stunning colour co-ordination of their tshirts. The bright blue contrasts charmingly with the deep red fabric on the tall chap to the right. All in all the eggheads are babes and they get a DURAG for thier efforts to feed us style hungry with their great style.
The guy in the second photo is wearing a Ralph Lauren polo sweatshirt, gotta love a label! He also has a great natural fashion blogger posing technique. That being said, i feel that the boring beige colour really drowns out his naturally beautiful pale skin. I think the sweatshirt material is too heavy for SS09 and a lighter tshirt would work so much better in the mild weather we have been enjoying of late. Babe you're getting a DontRag for your efforts in this photo. Nice try but better look next time.
Finally in the last photo we can see Bruno (he's prob called Bruno right?!?). He has great style. He was really friendly and was chuffed to be asked to pose for our blog. His sultry smile and his sallow skin are a great match for his Giorgio Armani sunnies. He sure knows how to strike a pose also, and Noel Gallagher would be well jealous of his jacket. DURAG of the highest order is bestowed onto you Bruno you babe...
Hedwig xo

DuRag dazzles party once again

I think this photorium speaks for itself. DuRag proves once again he's the sparkling diamond of Hedwig and the Bad M's.

Some of the more envious, alpha male-esque members clearly will not be happy with this latest effort of DuRag to dethrone certain people who will remain nameless. Oh well, c'est la vie ;-)

Stay Fantastic People!Xx

When death lurks around every noodle you learn to cope.

Well, it's only a matter of time before our lungs fill up with fluid and we all die of the flu. BUT have no fear bbz! Asian peeps have been through this countless numbers of times and know how to go about their business in style even when death lurks around every noodle, or nacho as the case may be.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sometimes I just wish I could be Andrew Linn

I've just so much to blog about tonight. Spent literally about two hours of my “study” time in college today trying to connect to the bloody NAC. That is the college wifi network. Tiny Linn thank you for offering to help me fix this problem I’m having connecting with online world. I just feel that when you finally connect to the NAC it must feel like getting to the next level in your favourite video game or even better getting to second base! Anyway night, Hedwig xo

tripping on blue e's?
Oul Martie circa 1990
Raemie fairly recentely.

Is our very own indie spy eimear nolan trying to emulate Martin Cahill aka the General's posing technique? You decide. Hedwig xo


Tell me what you think about me Obama own diamonds and Obama own rings!

Meet me at the bellend at twelve. Don't be late i'm nervous enough as it is...

My good friend Satie Smuck was to meet Susan and I under the bell tower of Trinity College one day a few months back. So I rang Satie Smuck (not Katie Tuck) on the day we were to meet and told her that we were waiting for her under the bell tower. The conversation was somewhat muffled and she couldn't hear us properly so she persisted to yell down the phone that she didn't know what or where the bellEND was and that she was going to ask someone for directions to the bellEND. Haha! Hedwig xo

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Caught Out

This indie babe doesn't let rain get in the way of her stylin' outfit.
Combining the latest in rain aversion technique, klan sensibility and swedish hennes and mauritz cool she heads on her way without batting an eyelash.

The Bernard Shaw

Located on upper Richmond St.

Passes for The Twisted Pepper (Abbey St.) available at the bar Thursday to Saturday just ask.

The new place to be, with its banging tunes and graffitied to the Max beer garden.

Their having fun, so will you.

Must-Haves of the 1950's

I was rummaging around in my attic a few days ago and stumbled upon a blackbag full of old newspapers, flicking through i saw these old-timey ads. Heres a few. enjoy. (click on the pics to make them masso)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

what i've learned...

that if you're really brash and scream alot at your taxi driver and demand student discount, it does in fact work like a charm. so be as crude, lude and rude as you possibly can and save your pennies. Volia, recession chic!

Ps eimear i love "of montreal," they are sa-weet xo Hedwig

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Badly Drawn Roy

A real sweet short documentary on the 1st animated character to be born in Ireland. Roberta informed me of it. Shes mad for all the indie shorts.


She is a sweet tiny indie baby angel cherub. And just look at her style. Any indie king or queen could be seen prancing around Twisted Pepper in this get up. Florals are a key look for Summer 09 as is this stunning teal colour-compliments all skin tones! xo

Image from:

Bookie Wook time

Tits out

Katie Price aka jordan andre is coming to dunnes henry street. To all you aspiring glamour and page three mots keep this date bookmarked...Go grab some reduced nack nacks in topshop tommorow morning and hold on to your durags until may 16
Classy burd she is xo

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Topshop Sale starts tomorrow,

our indie contact says that underwear is the first thing to be reduced
Casablancas, M. (2009). Polkadots & Vodkashots. The Internet, Norway

SO last night we found a totally new indie hangout in the bushes in albert college park. Just over past the playground we found narnia. Think of that episode of skins when the gang go camping in the forest and you've got it! So right, we drank our cider and were ready to hit the hub in dcu to see a one man band. The night ended abruptly, but we were still up for the BUZZ. Said buzz consisted of eating sweet 4 in 1's engulfed in black beaner sauce(shout out to the Magic Wok). We scoffed down the chinese goodness on the concrete green round the corner from me gaff then off to bed with us it was.

Ps .totally stoked to be finished college on Friday, not so much looking forward to the exams tho :(

Pps. shout out to Dr. Flano Mc your letter today babycakes, loved it.

Hedwig xo

Give texting the ole cool down

and send a lovely letter

First Susan's hat

now my moccasins.
What's next ?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

There Once Lived A Girl Who Was So Parched She Drank Mouthwash

Stumbled across this major babe on the internet. Seriously you guys, you need to check her blog out. INspiring stuff, real nineties kid with an indie twist.

P.E.R.V.E.R.T´S. H.E.A.R.

not being funny though, this other fashion blogger well stole my hat

"you´re just a less hott version of me"


Dearest our lovely fashion forward audience.
I was on the bus today and as always my eyes were peeled for do rag new looks and tasty new stores. So I was listening to some saucy beats on my zenzer, mouthing the words to some Joni Mitchell (you know yourself), when out of the corner of my eye a luminous glow appeared. I got a fuzzy feeling in my stomach, my spider senses were tingling. There below me amidst dismal surroundings it stood, like a jewel. It was the most most do rag of do rag shops. This window display was so mind-bogglingly exquisite I think I may have chow-meined my pants a little. The diamontes and rhinestones glittered in the afternoon sun, they were beddazzling. The gowns were a splendid sea of luminous shades from snotty green to pevert purple to a raver red and to the classic barbiewhore pink. For those of you looking for Trinzers Ball dresses it is a must. Though I would get my skates on as they are bound to fly off the shelf like a Nimbus 2000.
Sweet Location Wicka Frills.. Dorset St Drumcompton D.7

To set the scene perhaps sample this aural delight as mentioned above..

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