Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'll improve in timee

So this be lightpainting. I need to get some coloured lights, anybody know where i can get em? anyway..people should give it a go. Prob be easier with a few people as i struggled to hold the camera while holding down the shutter button andd holding the torch. When i was away i was told about it then i was just creepin about on buzzfeed and saw a link for amazing lightpaintings. These are rubbish, soon i'll perfect it!

Monday, July 26, 2010

What's the difference between porn and art?

According to the woman who overheard me, nothing. This was in response to a set of photos some guy took of his wife in the nip. And she wasn't even that hot. We were in the the Douglas Hyde gallery you see, because the Science Gallery was closed. There were paintings there too. One was of a girl shaking up tomato soup while taking a slash, (I couldn't take a picture), and another was of a girl smoking a cigarette and drowning at the same time.

Then Clikdikdikker went to go be cheeky to knacker thieves, and submissive, deferential and subservient to everyone else. I went to the library. Specifically, to the Berkeley Basement: that part of the library in which they fuck all the books they can't be arsed to categorize properly. I love finding entire books on very specific topics. To this end, I found tomes on

Which were beside manuals on how to stop your child from pissing and shitting everywhere:

And how to shoot down things:

By this time the library was nearly closed, and I needed to drop a deuce anyway. I found some last books, which may or may not have been instruction manuals:

And then I made sure that my stash was still safely in place:

And then I went home.

Although I've Zero Funds

A very kind tipoff resulted in myself and ClickClikDccker hitting up the fabled €1.50 sale in Ritzy Rags on Bolton Street. Too good to be true, I know, riiiight?! Their stock is mega sweet cos of a deal struck up with a french charity meaning they get in some awesome Parisian threads. As if this wasn't good enough at regular charity shop prices every now and again they do a €1.50 sale. Which does exactly what it says on the tin really. Everything in the shop is a mere one fiddy unless, of course, it's less. All this and it's for a good cause. Pretty much guilt free shopping? Oh, fangs.
Here's my haul anyways. Autumn, bring it.

Why yes, that is a tweed jacket with elbow patches. I'll be employing this with shitloads of layers in Prague to stay toasty whilst looking both intelligent and dignified. I've got this dressing for a different, icy, city stuff down pat.
Total cost of all the lovely tings? €8.30.
Oh, that just feels so good. One more time. €8.30. Nice.

Close up of saweet tuxedo shirt and paisley tie. Om nom.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I know, I am a lazy motherfucker

But to make up for it here's some lovely news.
Illamasqua are doing everyone a favour, member that foundation the girl in MAC told you totally matched your skintone 'till you got home and realised you looked something like some of the more blatantly non self aware members of the Dublin 4 borough of this fair city? It's been mocking you, right? Sitting in your press, laughing, 'Ha bish, you paid €25+ for me and how many uses have you got? None? Ah, shame'. No more! Bring any, and I mean any, of your old, unused or empty make up in and get a whopping 25% off anything you buy from Illamasqua. Eh, bit awesome, no? Details here. You can just buy me a drink to say thanks, it's cool.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

k, i must seem like some sort of hunga with all my food related posts..

Some days i am, but this day was a special day as we went OUT for dinner. very fancy, i know.
Myself, Stack and Nolan went to the restaurant , The Yacht, the one in Clontarf across from Beachcode. As we were all out the night before in filth city that is Fibbers we were hungover and hungry. extremely hungry. you have no idea. I got the food shakes. Since Stacks Dad (Rory) is the head chef there and has won the title of 'Best Carvery of the year'....the best in Ireland!. We said we'd go, we were late for the carvery so we got other sweet nice things.

I like how i get right in their faces as they try to eat. nice.

Nolan got Fish and a salad and a side order of garlic cheese potatos.
(the ones from the telly)

Stack got prawn n beef curry with rice n some chips.
Her first time to have it. It went down a treat.

I got a fish pie and the same side as Nolan.
It was Whop and it wasn't crazy hot so i could dig into it straight away.

This be the garlic cheese potato side.


After we consumed everything we had a lovely walk from clontarf to drumcondra road to get the bus. Oh how it rained on that walk but at least our food digested. Griffith Avenu is long, very long and straight, it seems some what never ending.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

How NOT to start your day

These are shite. In the ad the lady is left all satisfied and happy as i was not.


This is when Mr.Zumo

i do heart zumos. the tissue doesn't lie.

and toasted holey cheese, cucumber, toms and mackerel come in. and of course WORCHESTER SAUCE. I used to drown my spuds in this stuff. hmm seems like a lot. meh i was hungry.


Everyone knows that balloons tied to something means partyy! right?
I guess here they didn't quite get that.
Roberta and i went to Santry park for this plot -land -open -day- thing. Oh it was packed to the brim with egar gardeners rearing to get their hands in ruddy dirt and to be knee deep in weeds n shit.

Bobby signing her soul to this garden. 10euro for a year. It starts in August, they will start de weeding the place which will take foreverr then it's gotta be divided or somet. I got bored listening to the man with the nametag so i walked about.


Dog enjoying the wind. His owner was crazy and kept interrupting the nametag man.

"So it's nice to see a good few people here I'd just like..."


"well that's very nice good for you.."


"well i was getting to that, i was going to talk about the shed that we will be getting"


*crazy man dogs bark* SUSH THE MAN IS TALKING.

bark bark


"ok sir"

I checked. There were no peaches.

I liked this. looked like a picture in a wall frame? yeahh.

Bobby being blown away by the wind.

Wow I love your skirt where dya get it?
It was my moms in the eighties.

A bird hanging out on top of the empire state building, nothing big.

Just a sketch of nyc i penned on a napkin


Green lady

Thursday, July 1, 2010

antics in the kitchen. but not really.

I was just in the kitchen and i noticed that the Fairy washingup liquid went back to its original packaging.then noticing it is for its 50th anniversary but still I think it's quite cute. They should go back to that design. So when i noticed that i felt i had to take a picture of it then blog. This will be a dull post about my kitchen but more about what is in my fridge.

I've said noticed 3 times there. unnecessary
actually twice. i can't count.
wait no, 3 times.

These eggs will be used tomorrow for a lovely fry. nam nam.

So we've got some toms, rocket leaves, bowl full of watermelon sliced up..ehh some pink ladies there in the juice. which is amazing. Flora butter. some grapes, digestive biscuits, apro soya milk (Leona's), some rashers in the other draw, half a cucumber and some fish sauce, oh and some smoked cod. really hope that's tomorrow s dinner. fingers crossed.

And this stuff! GROSS! i can't stand sparkling water. When i was away i kept buying masso bottles of water (thinking it was just normal water) then to hear a fizz release when i twisted the cap. a lil piece of me would die every time i heard that 'fiiizzzzzzzzzzzz'. Nobody likes you carbonated water!!! and knowing me people that will read this will be all.. 'actually i like that water', for the people that have the same dislike to this sham of a water this is for you.

This was today's dinner. Spa-get-he and garlic bread, which was whop or 'lush' as the English folk would say. hmm this isn't really the best come-back blog post i was hoping for, but it's better than nothing.. righttt???