Friday, May 28, 2010


I snakily got a last minute ticket to Marina in tripod last night. Being the brats that we are, we scored some mad posh reserved seating on the balcony. Smashing seats apart from the couple in front heavily petting like creeps. At the beginning she was wearing these lovely mickey mouse dungarees big WANT, then her cheerleader ensemble for hollywood infecting her brain, and then for the last song she had another bewildering costume change into a bambi cloak of some sort. I have no idear where one would acquire such a garment, must be from Numb was my favorite warra tune

General gist , she is A1 and all that but I mean to say she only sang loike minimal number of songs and had loike three costume changes. It was a sweet concert but. She is speeding to the top of the pops faster than a firebolt, I would hark a warning- check yo'self diamandis. She was endearing when she was all tiny and humble, still is now but my spidey senses are tingling she could sway. that'd be sad

xoxo bad em

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chocolate Biscuit Cake.

The Recipe calls for, amongst other things, "1oz Coconut, 1oz Walnuts, 1oz Cherries." We substituted with roughly that amount of marshmallows, M&M's, Fudge and Golden Syrup.
You may be thinking 'hey, why does that cake look so...moist?' Well, apparently it's because of all that margarine; an entire block of it. Anyways, it's tasty. It goes well with a cup of tea. Here are some pictures:

Thursday, May 20, 2010

And This Too

Dear Pav, you are so lovely

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Las Cenizas de Angela

Took some more pretentious arty rebel creep pin holes photos after zams. Cool init?

If I pass, I'll miss the place.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Captain! Captain!"

cool tattoo wah? Tintin & Snowy.

Friday, May 14, 2010

slahh dust bunnies.

Today i was told to clean my room. I haven't cleaned it in about 3 months. It was gross. The amount of dust under my bed was unreal. I threw out a good bit of crap (mostly paper) but some i just had to hold on to. I started at 13:45 and i just finished now kinda at 17:10. Took some pics of the state that is my room. I just seemed to move everything, hoover where it was then but it back. There's to many wires in my room, half of them i don't know where they came from. well..Enjoy!

cluter under the bed.

These two boxes are filled to the brim with memories. Cannot dispose anything from them. for example. that brown bear. when i was like 5 or somet i tied him to a plastic bag kinda like a parachute, threw him up into the air. a strong wind got a hold of him and carried him down to the laneway. Boberta said i was crying with laughter as we watched it fly away.

My shoes mostly consist of cons.

I made this for the JC. was going to throw it out but i couldn't. you stay broken clay guitar.

My TYs in their box under my bed. ah their all so squished. sorry guys.

There was no more room on the floor so on to the bed they went.

why do i still have that hub?? it's pointless thought i threw it out and i didn't this time. back it went .

Stack o cds and a bag full o dvds.

My lovely top of the pops bag that i got free with something a long long time ago, think my piano books are in there. Mr. Cactus Jack hides there in that corner and the tinman Smyths mam got me as i played the tinman in primary school. i was wrapped in tin foil.

Some o those mags, Mongeral.

Here's everything to oneside of the room, yeh i didn't have to open the typewritter case..but i did. agh to much stuff in this tiny box-room.

Found my Leaving Cert Biology notes. Didn't know these were still in my room.

Some sweet tiny books.

So here we have a masso Mighty Boosh poster that Susan stole for me. I can't put it on my wall as it eats it. The painting that looks like old greg with a womb nose is meant to be me. Thank you susan for that one. When Boberta 1st saw it she was a tad confused.,it's not on my wall. Got my Junior Cert art stuff in grey what else.Patrick Star teddy..

Monday, May 10, 2010


Hotly anticipated and although a bittova anticlimax cos I arrive into work bright eyed and bushy tailed to see the new make up that they've been pushing for the past month and I spy a puny stand hidden away in the basement. Anyways, finally got a proper look after my shift finished and had an aul play (filths) with all the lovely things. First impressions? Mega cheap and not in a bad way. Like, I got a crayon-thing that's pretty much a dead ringer for MAC shadesticks for something like €7.50 (cos the topshop discount applies to the makeup, niiiice) and the pigmentation on it is amazing (see in in action here). Lovely proper gold, and I'm a firm believer in the 'it's difficult to fuck up gold and shit-tons of black eyeliner' on the eyes front. Skilled at maquillage I am not, but this seems to have been working out ok for me. Anyway, I think the strong point here is the coloured stuff as the tinted moisturiser felt kinda nasty and although I've not trialled it yet myself I remain suspicious of the mascara. Also excited to try the powder highlighter cos if it works like I hope it'll be kinda like a powdery version of Benefit's highbeam which, obvi, I love but doesn't always blend so good over my powdery top layer of make up.

In other news I seem to have in my possession a pair of hareem pants. I'm not sure how this happened, whether it's purely a result of being surrounded by them for 3 months solid or if they are, in fact, actually nice? I'll trial them and see how many catcalls I get on the way to school, always a joy when cycling to the library.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Want it!

I was watching some of exposé yesterday and ya wan Diana Vickers was on. Can't remember what they were yapping on about.. it sounded like she had a cold but i dunno if that's just how she talks.. but during their pointless chit chatting they were showing clips from her new song 'Once'. This clip flashed by with her in this Lamb like cardigan with a lil face on the hood, but i wasn't sure cos the clip was short. This woolie jumper cardigan thing was on my mind for agess, i knew that i have seen it somewhere before. Then i remebered. Marina and the Diamonds. I saw a picture of her yonks ago on BBC Radio 1 with host Nick Grimshaw. So..i youtubed the video dreding to watch the whole thing thinking the clip of her wearing it was near the end. Thankully it wasn't. I did watch the whole video seems annoying in it. It is fun to pause it then it looks like she's making a weird face. i was bored. anyway.. watch it here and you'll see her wearing it at the 44second mark. I do want the lamb cardi tho.. can't find it anywhere.

Oh and a heads up, Marina and the Diamonds will be playing here October the 27th and it's in the sweet little venue that is Vicar Street. Tickets go on sale tomorrow (the 7th), price - 23yoyos, but prob €25 with ticketmasters service charge. Should be a bit good alright.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Gayest Mode Of Transport?

SEE cos I'm reading about the Franco-Prussian War what led to German unification, the creation of the French 3rd Republic and all that shite, but then I read that this frenchy politician type Leon Gambetta escaped from Paris under siege by the Germans by hot air balloon.
I remember cracking up in the lecture over that. Yeah, I always remember the "human interest" bits of lectures, the bits they tell you to make you think history is cooool and junk. But you'd be a retard to put it in an essay. I might though...
Anyway, then I thought about hot air balloons. During war time did they look like this? Not very menacing, not very sturdy under a hail of anti aircraft missiles.
BUT THEN, they aren't affected by volcanic ash.

Renaissance of the Hot Air Balloon as popular mode of transport?? I think so

Sunday, May 2, 2010



Sweet Asian.

Or this..

"Mulan, you bring dishonour"