Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Anyone got some spare shekels lying about?

take a looksee here

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Imelda Saturday MayBE?

This sweet Liberties babe with her smoky voice and kiss-curl will be at the RDS for ' The Music Show ' this Saturday the 3rd of Oct. "It's Irelands biggest exhibiton of musical instruments and equipment + live stage, masterclasses, public interviews & more! "- says Hotpress tiny supplement mag. It goes on for the weekend Sat the 3rd and Sun the 4th. Miss babe will be hitting the live stage at 4pm.(the 3rd) Ticket price for one day is 12yokes (in advance- available on ticketmaster) or 16bobs ( on the door) either way it's still cheap compared to her O2 performance in Dec which is 40 somethin squids. Also to be taking to the live stage at the RDS on Saturday will be..
1pm Bipolar Empire
2pm The Coronoas
3pm The Chapters
4pm Imelda babe
5pm Director

Saturday, September 26, 2009

E=MCsquare DUFFY

Duffy is another loyal Hedwig follower, albiet one of our more kinkier followers still a true fan. She is kinky in the way that she attends Ireland's only fetish party once a month (FETISH.IE) and in the way that she only kisses celebrities for example the star of the new up and coming Irish comedy Hardy Bucks... and that bleached blonde guy from the old MacDonalds euro saver add. Clare loves to sing and dance and her fashion icon is Lisa Turtle from Saved by the bell, here she sports a lisa inspired look while staying true to her dancing roots Classic Duffy! Make sure to check out many of my other beautiful friends! Peace and love, HedwigXO

This one's going out to sweetifer

Sorry about the way we don't blog all day everyday, but here's a tiny sweet blog just for you to say thank you for your continued support (often checking on here up to three times a day). Some might say stalker but we here at Hedwig cherish and appreciate all of our dedicated followers especially Sweetifer Hyland. Now i'm sending you a link to come here and blog so you better do so! It's like her dream come true writing for the Hedwig blog/ diving into a big pile of girls. Love you, HedWIGxo

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Could It Be? Yes, yes it is

Our very own Jade as seen on BNTM now modeling on the urban website. Bobby always said their models were too thin.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Funny that

ps this cover by the XX is amazing...

A young Smuck

So i was up in the attic last week and came across Liam Tuck's youthful photo album, him with family, pottering about Africa and him with some not so Roberta ladies.
Some may think it's weird that ive posted pics of my dad. I too think it's sweird but ya know what?. the hell with it. Smyth will be loving this, ya filthy perv.

Havin a laurf with a bucket on his head. Truly wild, it's where i get it from.

chillin in black n white

look at this! Those sneakers really give his look an edge. Can't really say much for his friend though, a yellow tank top with some sort of stocking slipper combo.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Sad Farewell

Although, admittedly, a bit of a hole and one of the top five groping locations in Dublin (just pipped to the post by Q bar) no one can deny it was probably one of the first places you managed to get into. Its lax bouncers and dark corners just added to its irrepressible charm and mystique. I feel we should all now take a moment to pause and reflect on your favourite memory of Dorans, whether sneaking out a barstool or picking up pearls while yelling 'it'll be like a new generation bracelet, better than ever before' 'cause it totally made sense at the time, we've all got 'em.
Fare thee well Dorans, we hardly knew ye.

sidenote; that chair would totally be worth something now, well done throwing it in the Liffey .. you know who you are.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Discount designer duds

SO i know you've run outta sweet tiny things to wear and with LFW around the corner you're totes freaking out, riiight?
Never fear, topshop and Christopher Kane got your back.
With the collaboration launching tomorrow you can get in on the action for (deep breath) 'round abouts €100-€250 for a dress.
Which, ya know considering the actual dresses retail at upwards a grand, ain't so bad.
Anyways due to my ever so privileged postition atop the rungs of the retail ladder I've tried some of it on today and in my humble opinion the lace one shoulder is the winner (and only hundred and fourteen bones)
I'll be partaking anyways.
There's free stickers to be had too, just like primary school but for growd ups.

Tunes not too fast not too slow just sweet

''Sean the Barista'' every odd Tuesday night in the Pygmalion .... go listen to this slammin Dj

he gets a big thumbs up from us at Hedwig.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Full of little vintage sweets

So yesterday i finally went into Lucyslounge across from Urban. The place is amazing, full of lovely lil trinkets, dresses, bags, coats and hats. The lady who served me said they get new goods in every week and is waiting to get paid so she can spend in the shop. Here's a few snaps of my

This dice will run my life.

and this sweet lil granny silk scarf patteren bag will do well for college.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009