Friday, May 29, 2009

Post Script

Scumbag Millionaire

Ah yes, the sun is out. And with it come a flock of shirtless men and red necked ladies. A time when a time when the sale of Cool Pops, Twisters and fluorescent string tops sky rocket. Babys and black dogs hate this season while ill advised owners of convertible sports cars proudly cruise the streets as a way of saying I told you so to their ex wives....

Some may curse the sun but for indie kings and queens it means drinking in the park, sweet barbeques, raybans, boater hats and festivals. So strap on your gladiator sandals and bask in the summer sun

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

denim jackets back??

Smyth thinks so. Follow this brave move?

Typo 09

Apparently you can save 2yoyos on lip balm in DCU's
pharmacy. im sorry. i mean safe.


Stuck on the back of Hyland's bike with a basket full of stones


Which is the fave?. 1)Snoopy dance, 2)Happy Noodleboy
3)Amp bag, 4)Debbie bag, 5) heart tokyo, or 6) eli bag.
Any Bag ideas? sorry layout all crap, it wouldn't change for me

My swan.

I found some of my tard like clay 'sculptures' that i made in RossMini summer camp. This was the pick of the bunch. Im going to say i was 6 when i made this. i think.


While enjoying my first day of freedom myself and Katie came across these sweet treats for only 4 bones in M&S. Well tasty and eliciting jealous glances wherever we went for sure worth it.

('specially for those of us not blessed with Susan's world class training at the hands of masterbaker Miriam)

Carrie-mam's profile in IMAGE

As i was going up the stairs Roberta asked if i was going to my room i said i am then she smiled, so i knew she got me something. so i legged it up the stairs to find the new IMAGE mag sitting on me bed.
Thanks bobby.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You know you grew up on the northside when you...

1. consumed 1 packet of wheelies 1 packet of chickatees 2 strawberry lanky larrys and a tenpenny bag as your RDA

2. spent your days wandering the leafy suburbs while kicking a luminous orange Cup Final ball in a tesco plastic bag (couldn't afford one of them fancy footballs on expandable strings from smyths)

3. collected/bet up poshos for.. pogs premier league stickers and pokemon cards

4. went fishing/paddling in the tolka river

5. played catch and bash aka IRA bashings, kick the can and Curbs

6. had the air in your bike tyres let down by local hoods

7. watched zig and zag, bosco and rosie and jim everyday and if you were a little bit of a posh northsider you had NTL so you could watch fancy stuff like Two of A kind and art attack

8. went any location on the dart line to go crab fishing

9. spent a year or two kicking the machine in the leisureplex Coolock where the 20pees were right on the edge but they never fell

10. went swimming in ALSAA

11. skinned your elbows on the coca cola/waterfall slide in Omni adventure centre

12. collected conkers in the albo

13. had your hair set on fire by local youths on the 13a

14. went to fort lucan at least once a year

15. ate corn beef sandwiches every day for eight years in primary school (choc muffins fridays bbz)

16. got 50p from your ma for pocket money and thought you were minted

17. wore nike air max to school

18. got into a scrap with a girl called Roma for calling her 'Roma Pasta'

all self-respecting members of C.U.N.T.S should have experienced all of the above if not you have a summer to tick all the boxes ...

p.s no. 18 might be hard but if you want to try she used to live in the mun, she has blonde hair and she always wore denim dungarees outside school try find her

Eamonn Dorans

As Murean and I sat eating in Di Fontaines pizza parlour today post examination buzz I began to ponder my relationship with the rock god that is Eamonn Doran. I have been going here for years now and filthy enough as the place is I've never had a bad night there! First night I ever went here was when I was 16 with my dear friends Ro and Norah after a test icicles gig we were supposed attend was cancelled. Well chuffed that we stumbled upon this little grunge gem! We've had our ups and downs, like that time i got barred for a week or something when I was using that wierd drivers licence, but even still I vow never to stop frequenting this joint. xo

New follower...

Lucky number 13. Hello who ever your are! We're glad to have you on board the hedwig train xo

"Roberto Cavalli´s Giant Purple Throbber"

How stressfull was it watching the model agent last night? I know right!?

Just before it started an insider text me saying "That one with the short hair is preggers". When I asked my source for further information she replied "-My friend in college, her best friend in amber's older sister- said claire". I was devistated thinking the one I had bet on to win weeks ago had fallen at the last hurdle . Not so however, she won the competition and is expecting a sweet indie baby boy in July. What a fairytale. Well done to RTE for an actually entertaining Irish series, we were all convinced they'd cock it up and turn it into a get-all-yisser-counsints-to-text-in type show a la You're A Star or Celebrity Bainisteor.
Thats all I have to say really

Saturday, May 23, 2009

All Things Sweet And Tiny

Its his birthday on Sunday, bit of a blogging sensation. When he´s not building computers out of matchsticks and buttons he´s great for confinguring your laptop to the NAC. Most likely to say FOL and LMIRL . Deffo a style icon, chanelling 90s herion chic with his hi-tech runners, stylin' umbro trackie bottoms, all important ManU jersey and topped off with an oversized green velvet with sweet gold buckle. A true icon

Feeling the credit crunch?

Why no go for a lovely cycle? It's free and easy and just perfect for this time of year! If you're scared of the gusset ganders and or getting papped on a rottener bike then why not go for a midnight cycle? It's the healthy option for those girls who eat their feelings... All you need is a euro for two cans of blue bear in spar and you're flying (or speeding in this case). You meet some funny characters on your travels but sure thats all part of the appeal. I wish i could post a pic of this drunken man Stacey and I encountered last night but i forgot my Hedwig cam and so had to capture the moment on my camera phone. He was verdy verdy intoxicated and kept doing provocative dance gyrations- not sweet! So any way ye, moral of the storey is GET ON YER BIKE LUV xo

Super bad eat your heart out!

Look at this funny artist i found....

PLEASE NOTE: some viewers may find this material offensive, but if you do you're probably a bellend anyway!

Friday, May 22, 2009

'Get Me Moscow' please, Thanks.


Nesbit and Jim

Monday the 18th was G.M.Ms last gig for awhile as one of their guitarist Ronan is going away. They played down the stairs in Whelans (wexford st.) round 9ish?? meh can't remember. The band consists of a Rory- lead vocals, Ronan - lead guitar/vocals, Maggie - on the skins, Jim - guitar/vocals and Nesbit on bass. They played amongst other bands but i did not care for them or know their names. As the crowd chanted "Get me Moscow!" Rory appeared and the rest followed onto the stage to take their places. (Im going to assume this happened , the night was pretty much a blur, maybe Foley can help fill in some gaps.?) anyway.. so their set was, 'Dot the i', 'Sammy', 'New York city cops'(cover), 'pcp', 'The perfect life', 'All my friends'(cover) and 'Get Done'. Rory's energetic 'i'am having a fit dance' seems to get the crowd going and gives the gig a certain je ne sa qua. Looking around as they played everyone seemed to be enjoying their songs and yelling their lyrics, im gonna say most of the crowd were there to see Get me Moscow, ya know why?.. cos their F ing brilliant.

Check their myspace
blog ya laterrr

Face of Hedwig ?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Your new US American Idol is......

KRIS ALLEN.. WHAT the F! I know
If you had not been following this tasty show it is a masso surprise. The emo rocker adam lambert seemed like a sure bet but then again he was a bit racy for the general american. Adam is way too shrieky for my tastes so I am glad sweet Allen won. . check out the winning moment it gives me shivers but then again I am a sucker for tack and gaudy stuff.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Голубой Вагон

привет товарищи!

как дела?

(я должна заниматся руском язкыом)

это наш блог Хедвиг анд те Бад Емз.

блог о моде, о жизне в Ирландии и т.д.

О чём вы хочешь читать?

любовь от Хедвиг!



This is a shout out to our single Russian peep. I know you only stayed for 11 seconds, but hi.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I hear she's a pearvert








Exam Musts...

1) party size bag of whatever sweets on offer at Spar, yes be the girl who eats her feelings,

(minature eggs 2 for 2.50)

2) a calulator, even if you're not doing maths, you never do an exam without one

3) some kind of lucky charm, mine's a pin i got from nuns

4) a really annoying ticking clock or a watch that beeps every 10 minutes, resort to sabotage

5) every single note/book/piece of information you own on the subject in your bag, you won't read any of it but maybe it'll seep into your brain on its own

6) lots of highlighters, rulers, colouring pencils and other useless stationary you can't use but you wish you could

7) a woolly jumper, something tells me those exam hall are cold and you could always try hide stuff in it if you 're of the pretentious rebel variety

Monday, May 18, 2009

Interview Tips

GOT an interview for mini company and want to make the best first impression?

follow these simple tips for success from industry expert.

1. Dress to impress, this probably means your shiny Topman debs suit and lilac tie. Unfortunatly the soup stains will be viseable, so you'll have the give it a dry clean. Recession buster; use a babywipe to clean the worst of the stains, then hang the suit in the bathroom as you shower. The steam should get rid of the wrinkles saving ma an ironing job. A liberal dose of Lynx Africa and you're on the way

2. Wash your teeth

3. When asked "what are your main flaws?". Try to think of something constructive like "Oh, I'm a bit of a perfectionist" rather than racist, thief or pisshead.

Thank you to the industry expert


A Public Awareness Message

Re: Exam Celebration Caution

A large quantity of drugs were stolen from a pharmaceutical company in Baldoyle in North Dublin last week.

The drugs taken were: 17 25-litre drums containing one million Zopiclone 7.5 mg tablets along with one 25-litre drum containing 83,000 Flunitrazepam 1mg tablets.

*Zopiclone* and *Flunitrazepam* are both hypnotic drugs and are used as sedatives.

As exam season has now kicked off and the celebration season will be well under way over the next few weeks, please mind your drinks.

Do not leave them unattended and return to them.

Do not pick up drinks not belonging to you from bars and tables.(That means mystery drinks is off limits for a while)

Wont You Please Tell Him His Hair Looks Sexy Pushed Back

YOUR hair looks sexy pushed backSeparated at birth much? Eurovision winner and Coronation Street truant David Platt
Hope exams are going well and indie.
P.S. how many calories do you think you burned off shivering in that exam hall.
I know, right

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Louis Ex Eye Vee

The first indie king?

The visioneuro

So last night was the Eurovision , the winners? Norway with Fairytale, 397 points , new record buzz.
Glad they won but i must say graham nortons commentary actually made the whole show. lol moments all over the gaff, my personal favourites was when one of the voting countries announcer start singing, this is when Graham says "oh, get off your bike Sarah" and there was his whole commenting through the interval act.. the lowered swimming pools which im thinking they got that idea from Antm Cycle 10 the Fuerzabruta on Mylar photo shoot. We all remember Claire wanting to "slide" onto the pool thing but really falls right on her face resulting in a injured neck and Mrs Jay being all i told you not to. loser. .
yehhh.. anyway eurovision i think the cringey est entry was Germany with Miss Kiss Kiss Bang featuring marilyn manson ex-wife, Dita Von Teese. All i can say is what was she thinking?. .just youtube it. hmm who else was good.. oh Turkeys entry was up there with Dum Tek Tek. check those ones out. The rest of the acts were just balls.

what's the 25th of July??

National Cow Appreciation Day!!

I just wanted to use this picture cos i thought it was cute, didn't know how to use it in a post so i thought id look up national Cow day. So it's the 25th of July.. yeahh. Mark it down on your calender?..

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tri-wizard Tournament

Who would win in a fight....

Sabrina the teenage witch...

Has the ability to change clothes at will, a talking cat and a magic teleporting closet.


Harry Potter

Has an invisilibity cloak, an owl named hedwig and a flying broom

PS I totally can't take credit for this blog because I found it lying in amongst all the draft hedwig blogs. Shuvonyour... is the true author of this blog and Im sorry but it just needs to be posted! So Sabs or Hazza? Who wins? You decide! xo

Too Fun

mabes she shouldn't have sent 4 to the same house

Friday, May 15, 2009

In Memory

She learnt her Spanish off a failed South American dictator, she dances to her own beat, her own sleazy beat, she hearts iceberg lettuce and plain chicken, she's a bit of a glamazon, she really loves travel and foreign holidays but has none of that shit of mixing with the native or trying the local cuisine-its Yorkshire puddings all the way, she was gagging for it at Trinzer Ball, she thinks dogs should be allowed to embrace their femininity, when she was younger she thought she would go blind if she looked up, she demanded for this and she's a bit sweet and lovely really