Saturday, December 19, 2009

This is not Sweet one bit.

I walked into my room to find this creep of a doll sitting
on my windowsill. It's just sitting there looking at me with
that stupid face. I call Boberta to see what all this is about
she said " oh it's a Christmas decoration" eh no. That my
my friends is Not a Crimbo decor. when you look at it Christmas
is not the 1st thing that springs to mind. When i 1st saw it
i thought of that Goosebumps ep when that ventriloquist doll
Slappy came to life. I was afraid that'd i'd be woken out of my
slumber to find this lil doll standing over me staring at me
with it's crossed eyes fixed on me. It's still sitting on my
windowsill. Why haven't i taken it down? Nadda a clue. Something
about it makes me want to keep it there even though it creeps
me out. She looks like a Josephine. I'll call her that. Oh god i
just named it. Stupid doll with it's kwirky head tilt. Josephine
can go and stuff it!

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