Saturday, August 1, 2009

once upon a time on a sweaty walk

so I did a bit of a trek. It was no everest or ought but it was enough for me. So we were walking along the road when my companion who has a well trained nose did sniff marijuna. Then once we saw it once we saw it everywhere. It was well exciting. Imagine how much money I could make that'd well buy me an electric picnic ticket or two. I picked a few but now I am a bit scared of trying to bring them home even just two leaves as sovereigns because Dehli airport was scary enough without having hash leaves in your backpack. So think I will just leave them here even though it breaks my baba heart to do so. I snapped a few shots though so I will post them when I get home....

Later on the same walk Me and our guide got too tired to go on so we stopped a sweet truck and asked for a lift back to town. This babe and his mate gave us a free lift on the back of his truck. We sang him a few tunes in return for his generosity so it was definitely a win win situation. Also on this trip we got to sit on top of a bus for two hours cos there was no seats. It reminded me of the back of the 13a cos there was a few madzers smoking herb recklessly beside us. They were out of their bins not even holding onto the safety rails. Dublin bus could learn a thing or two about effeciency from these drivers. if there is no room jump on top, just remember to duck on griffith avenue or you might lose your head all the trees and that.


  1. pleaer be careful & don't do anything silly. one smalll action can change the course of your life. i love india my favorite country in the world. i was there a bout 20 years a go. i hope to go back one day. enjoy d

  2. the quest for hash-ish! remember oxegen 08? murn i miss you! come home x