Friday, August 14, 2009

OAPs day out

On the last day of LDN Smyth and i went for a ramble down to the Camden Lock. While walking towards the bridge we noticed a congestion of people, everyone was walking around something. As we walked closer we saw a hugee group of OAPs around 40 or 50 of them. All were trying to cross the bridge, in the process they held up the traffic. Some looked like little confused hedgehogs wondering whether to cross or not. They were all piling into some shop. So we walked on by noticing other passerbyer's taking pictures of this strange scene. When we reached the Lock for a sitdown we looked over to see this Rosey and Jim boat being filled to the brim with OAPs. Their purple rinses could be seen for miles. Unfortunately my camera died so i had to use my phone hence shity quality. So they filled the boat and they were on their way. We decided to follow their lil boat trip up to the canal key , as the waited for the water to fill the yoke they all took out their sambos and munched away until the lock thing filled up. One OAP didn't get into the boat until the lock was filled. When she stepped down into the boat the gate opened and they were off. I'm guessing to the zoo.

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