Thursday, August 26, 2010

Indie 'till the end

Shitbuzz, whilst cycling home from work just when I was getting smug about it and wondering why I ever got the bus I find myself lying on the ground cursing the day someone put a curb there. In a touching metaphor for life I clambered right back up, brushed it off and cycled home. However, when 3 days later the arm still won't straighten concerned family members decided it's perhaps time to get it checked out (mostly due to previous history of broken bones left to reset incorrectly..hem).
However, when lumbered with a standard grade white sling I decide this simply will not stand. Like any blogger worth their salt quickly slapped a sweet silk scarf on over it (with some help from a kindly first aid trained technician) et voila, statement injury wear for the 21st century girl about town.

Also, not to brag but getting it signed by Zach Condon'll also do the trick.
Nah, I am bragging. He's preeeetty.

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