Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Free Things.

Never underestimate the amount of money locked up in bus ticket receipts. If you do, you're likely to just give them away for free, and you'll end up mightily out of pocket. Specifically, twenty Euro and fifteen cent out of pocket.


Then, you can go give blood. There's a bit on the form where It asks you if you've been in contact with monkeys or their 'fluids' recently. While being interrogated by the nurse, who asks you all the questions again, I asked whether anyone ever says yes to this question. Apparently about 2 people a year do. I thought at first that it must be those people who train monkeys in the circus, but apparently it's mostly just veterinary students.

Once you've proved that you're not a gay, or a drug user, or a foreigner, you get to give a pint of blood. It only takes about 8 minutes, but the record apparently is 3 minutes. Unfortunately, the speed depends on how big your veins are and not your heart rate, so it's pointless to get all your friends around for a blood-off because there's nothing you can do to ensure you'll win.

Then comes the free stuff. A canteen filled with sandwiches, timeouts, 7up, tea, Tayto Crisps and biscuits. It's class.

You can even eat the food if you couldn't give blood, just like this fat bastard did. 3 sandwiches and many time outs later, the nurse giving out the food wasn't best pleased.

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  1. Hooray!

    I also have quite the collection of bus refund tickets