Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Smiling Like A Fool, Napping Like A Demon

I got post. S'awesome. I have a love hate relationship with the postal system. But all that goes out the window when I see my haul.

Deadly, Meanies.

Some homemade cake. Chocolate on a stick for dipping in hot chocolate. Viscounts. Mmm. Minstrels and TWO packs of polo mints. Oh Mammy.
Some sort of book. I don't read much. But I appreciate it. Good of me, riiight.

And here are some snaps of a food shop I did a while back. Back when I was excited about cooking for myself. Now it's tired and boring. I only like cooking for others, so I can show off and be pretentious. And overuse garlic and pesto. Sigh.

Have a nice day

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