Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Passive Aggressive Notes

I am a slob, a sloth and a laze. My bedroom is generally a kip. My method of cleaning my room is to hide everything in the wardrobe or to put everything in the wash. Although I lack giving a shit to make my bed everyday or to pull my curtains (or draw? the point is they're rarely closed as that means pulling them open again), the one thing I do have is SHAME. Yes, it is shame that drives me to hide the crap from the floor in my cupboard. Shame that makes me run several steps up the stairs before any guest in order to quickly knock some empty mugs into an open drawer. I for one think that shame is a beautiful characteristic, keeps us from being too real, human and downright gross. Some people lack this shame. And it's a bit gross. Salmonella? No ta.
Admittedly this picture is fine. Just that there is food left in the pot. For how long? Can I use that pot?

SO I left a note. Hope the grammar and tone was OK. And I still want them to think that I'm cool

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