Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lost my ability to blog

Sorry all for the lack of Hedwig posts in recent times, I've been far too lazy and uninspired lately!Dearest Kaytea has forced me to come on here and blog tonight and without a push I dunno when you'd see my next blogroll. SO anywayz was away in good oul Ibiza town in July and got a few sneaky paps for "style of the isle," and I should be able to post them on here in the next few days. Jordan was also over in iBEASTa same time as the mots and I and I'm sure you've all seen the skanky shots of her rolling around on the beach. Noel Fielding was papped at Tiesto over there too...babe! I was shocked to find tho, on my return from the island of pills and all night raves that a new fashion wave had hit our own tiny green isle- all the fashion don't of the 90's! High waisted jean leggings, bellytops, denim jackets, middle splits and I've even seen a few dare I say "scrunchies" on the go too. This is all too much for a humble fashion blogger myself. This has "Dublin Style BAYBEEEE" written all over it. Next thing we know we'll all be back wearing navy O' Neill trackies, Nope/Mojo hoodie's and those Fila bubble runners.....Hedwig and the bad em followers please let this awful trend bipass us all!


  1. what about those sweet ts that had sassy slogans such as 99% devil, 1% angel....

  2. hate to say it but we got scrunchies in