Thursday, July 16, 2009

Price Watch (copyright Miriam Lamb)

I was walking around my favourite local food mart in my new neighbourhood when I stumbled upon the bargain of a lifetime.. one shoulder of top notch White Mischief vodka for approximately one euro fifty (give or take a few cents). Compare that to local Dublin prices which can be as high as eleven or twelve euro. I think the name has to do with the way the whiter you are the more mischievous you get under the influence of this particular brand of vodka. But apparently according to a few wee childers I'm not even white I'm red.

Price watch 2.0 : faux converse only seven/eight euro available in a variety of colours and in shoe and high top shape very sweet. They look pretty fancy too.

p.s still haven't eaten any meat (those scrots what protest outside mcdonalds on grafton street would be well proud).... rottener meat is murder t-shirt here I come
bad m

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