Monday, July 27, 2009

Flat Packer's Delight

Some of the hedwig crew took a trip to Sweden's best export up in the Mun (after Kopparberg mixed berry of course). I think we're decided that its a bit of a great hang out spot after staying a good five hours in the place.

Some of the highlights were the cafe, with unlimited drink refills, hot dogs for 50cent, seeing some fool grab a crate of non alcoholic Kopparberg thinking it was on some great discount,the swinging sex chairs and being told by a tall man that we were the first customers to use the bike rack. Then he made lewd comments about the lenght of our skirts...

Still though, a great day out. And the biggest question on our lips- Will Tom Doorley do a review of the cafe?

sweet hats

i dont know

games to keep the childer happy

is this a rabbit holding on to two parts of a broken motorcycle?

scribbles tuck

scribbles tuck

dime cake, meatballs 12 for the price of 10 at 2 blips a plate

these are normally 2.50 in the shops!

skank sweeties

knacker snax


  1. just went to ikea few days ago, bought a make up mirror, 50c hotdog, and forgot to return an ikea pencil

  2. those skanky things are real tasty