Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Imelda Saturday MayBE?

This sweet Liberties babe with her smoky voice and kiss-curl will be at the RDS for ' The Music Show ' this Saturday the 3rd of Oct. "It's Irelands biggest exhibiton of musical instruments and equipment + live stage, masterclasses, public interviews & more! "- says Hotpress tiny supplement mag. It goes on for the weekend Sat the 3rd and Sun the 4th. Miss babe will be hitting the live stage at 4pm.(the 3rd) Ticket price for one day is 12yokes (in advance- available on ticketmaster) or 16bobs ( on the door) either way it's still cheap compared to her O2 performance in Dec which is 40 somethin squids. Also to be taking to the live stage at the RDS on Saturday will be..
1pm Bipolar Empire
2pm The Coronoas
3pm The Chapters
4pm Imelda babe
5pm Director

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