Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Sad Farewell

Although, admittedly, a bit of a hole and one of the top five groping locations in Dublin (just pipped to the post by Q bar) no one can deny it was probably one of the first places you managed to get into. Its lax bouncers and dark corners just added to its irrepressible charm and mystique. I feel we should all now take a moment to pause and reflect on your favourite memory of Dorans, whether sneaking out a barstool or picking up pearls while yelling 'it'll be like a new generation bracelet, better than ever before' 'cause it totally made sense at the time, we've all got 'em.
Fare thee well Dorans, we hardly knew ye.

sidenote; that chair would totally be worth something now, well done throwing it in the Liffey .. you know who you are.


  1. hi ya dee here from lucys lounge . your blog is great. i have being following for a while. thank you for the nice mention. say hello next time your in. i love those bags too. see ya d

  2. Yeah, we DO know who the chair thrower was! It was the siiiiiiilver juuuuunkie