Thursday, September 17, 2009

Discount designer duds

SO i know you've run outta sweet tiny things to wear and with LFW around the corner you're totes freaking out, riiight?
Never fear, topshop and Christopher Kane got your back.
With the collaboration launching tomorrow you can get in on the action for (deep breath) 'round abouts €100-€250 for a dress.
Which, ya know considering the actual dresses retail at upwards a grand, ain't so bad.
Anyways due to my ever so privileged postition atop the rungs of the retail ladder I've tried some of it on today and in my humble opinion the lace one shoulder is the winner (and only hundred and fourteen bones)
I'll be partaking anyways.
There's free stickers to be had too, just like primary school but for growd ups.

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