Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Free Pants

Seeing as my Tuesdays are free enough when asked to do some pro bono work helping out at a fashion show last week in Arnotts I figured I may aswell.
Now, obvi this is Ireland and so McQueen it was not..however it was pretty sweet and basically alls I had to do was strip my model (Suzanne) when she came in and help her into the next outfit. And, to be fair, one of the dresses was Westwood Anglomania
'sides that it was all the free champagne (and prosecco if we're being accurate) I could get my hands on* and a sweet goody bag at the end of the night. Not a bad haul, DKNY knicks, perfume and a mascara.
Superglam, riiiight?!

*Seriously, every time I took a sip it was refilled, i exercised what can only be descibed as extreme restraint.

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