Friday, October 2, 2009

My lisbon treaty Week

It's official the 80's are back... fish finger sales are up, three protests in the last week and oulwans screaming at canvassing YESgeneration yuppies. Skinhead boots are back in business, trenchcoated sinnfeiners are infesting the streets jumping on any cause band wagon they can find and the numbers of those bringing in Mammy sandwiches to college is sky rocketing.

It is nice though cause now we can be the annoying mature students of the future who can interupt future economic's lecturers to tell stories of how we lived through the dreary bleak noughties so therefore we don't need to listen because we have recession times etched into our skin.

P.s memba I told ya.... Vote No or by christmas we'll be working in German owned sweatshop stitching puma runners (I read that on a heart shaped poster so sweet it's gotta be true)

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