Saturday, October 3, 2009

We went, she sang and we got rolls

So Bad M and i hit the Rds music show today. It made this Sunday feeling Saturday feel like how a Saturday should be. fun. Got our lovely lil gold wristbands for the day and off we went. The whole place was full of people jamming on instruments and lil gig sessions all around the gaff. We went to the 2fm station 1st for some freebies. a tee and keyring. we started off well. Then we sauntered about the place just saw lots n lots of instruments. so we went back over to the 2fm place to find Imelda May performing lil snipits of her songs. so we creeped on her for a tad from the side.

After, we went over to the stage to see Miss Babe and her gang. Just Whop. All i can say. i just Wikipediad her there cos bad m and i were wondering how old she is (35), it says - "She has one dog and speaks with a tight Dublin accent." made me smile. so anyway yeah, good gig. Her and the band were havin a great ole laugh up on stage, bantering about. and by the by her hubby has the broadest shoulders ever.

here's some pics of stoofs

oh yeah ya won from the coronas, not so much a whop. just meh

i did have a nice shot but that man just wouldn't move.

ive a video to put up but mu comp is acting weird so ill leave it for another day.

We ended the day by getting some lovely chicken tikka rolls and ate them by the canel . A Saturday well spent.

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