Tuesday, February 23, 2010

That is the ugliest effing skirt I've ever seen...Oh it's a shirt.

I watched the 'Cool Party' episode of Hey Arnold (thanks to Eimears status to remind me of it) where Rhonda invites Arnold to a "High tea party at the home of Miss Rhonda Wellington Loyd", only a few were selected as she was "elimnating the geeks"..anyway she went on to talk about why Arnold is cool.

Rhonda - see, you Arnold made the cool list.

Arnold- how did i do that?

Rhonda- oh i dunno, i guess it's your moodyness that bruding air of mystery you have Arnold, your unique sense of style.

Arnold - my unique sense of style?

Rhonda- yeah! like that weird little skirt-thing you always wear it's cool.

Arnold - it's my shirt.

Rhonda - see that's what i mean, the way you call it a "shirt", it's so cool, it's bold Arnold. You're a bold kid. So are you coming?

I'd put him on the list for having that cool bedroom. WANT.

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