Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stylish gear.

What to wear for a Badminton match.

We hit up Terenures Badminton Club today with these two stylish chaps, they wore red short shorts (American Apparel), knee striped socks (AA), white wife-beaters (pennys), white sweatbands(AA) and sun visors (AA). cos everyone knows the sun is constantly in your eyes when you play this indoor sport. it's a rookie mistake when you leave your visor at home.
This all came to 42.60 squids, as Alex said "the sales girl was both pleased and disgusted with our shopping.." they really went all out for this 2hr game, but it made the game.

They lost. but they still kept their spirit up. Their stylish spirit.
i dunno what that blob is, guessing dust, or an orb spirit. i totally went all 'Most Haunted' on this picture.

They were both ment to wear convereses to finish off this whole look, but one, as you can see forgot his.tut... This was one of their game stratorgie breaks.

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