Monday, February 15, 2010

reunioun post

(anne and sir paul back in the day)
so we're sitting here in mick and betty's house, eating pringles and carmel nibbles on stacks big momma bed and then waylon decides to go visit ye ould hedwig blog. she has one ting and one ting only to say "we're here, we're queer and we don't want anymore ferrets!!!" (no beef to tuck tho but the audiences just ain't digging the sweet baby ferret no more...eeeeeeeek!) with this reunion blog i realised that i should finally get round to writing that blog about DR. anne trappe that i promised i would write a long time ago. anne trappe is a world renounded traveller, doctor, artist and scientist. she wears baggy tshirts, scarfs, berets, skinny jeans and little brouge heels- so parisian oh10. chic bitch. in her spare time she likes to sky dive but her parents tessy and pat aren't so fond of her rock and roll dare devil lifestyle. in the 60's she once toured with the beatles and influenced many of their number 1 hits with her psychadelic bouncing blonde curls. one time she sucked che gueavera in the omni toilets whilst being shot in the ass. so ye thats basically anne tran in a nut shell. ps she's also a fire breathing dragon trainer! pps she goes by many names so the paps cannay find her ie. monster, godzilla pronounced gozilla, rasputin, flano...and dr mac lovely. she also writes books by the way


  1. and oon't forget the sweet stripes €4. also don't want bears to be blindingly honest i would prefer a ferret attack to a bear