Friday, November 6, 2009

They're the same

So last night after the Charity gig, Smyth, Hedwig, DuRag and i went to Makkie D's. Smyth wanted her chicken nuggets, since we were nearer to Grafton St we went there. She was not impressed, saying " nawhh i don't want no posh goujonssss , i want me nuggetss", in a strong knackcent. We told her to Shup and continued to walk. We got our food and sauntered out to get a taxi. One kinda taximan let us in with our food. Out of no where we started to sing todays hit chart songs and replacing the main words with goujon. For the whole taxi journey we sang.
e.g. Lady Gaga - Love game. " let's have some goujon, this beat is goujon. i wanna take a ride on your disco goujon"
Cranberries - Zombie. " in your gouujonnn, in your goujonnn, gou ew jon go ew jon go ew ew ew jon"
Shakira - She wolf. "There's a goujonn in my closet, open up and set it freeee, aAahhh WooOo"
Those 3 were my fave. The taximan seemed to be enjoying it.

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