Monday, November 16, 2009

While i've nothing of worth to say..

I'll continue this trend of flinging pretty pictures at you in the hope you get all distracted.
Okay, so I know she pisses off alotta people and I don't really know about her personal life (or even acting skills) but Sienna Miller dresses hot.
Like, really hot. Not even going into her personal style or anything...she's got some amazing looks down in some of her films. And i get she's not actually dressing herself in these but costume designers don't generally pose for photos so Sienna's what we got.
Alfie and Factory Girl (not even gonna go into Edie, it's a whole other post) are obvi the sixties look, amazing. Then in the Edge of Love she proves she's not a one trick pony with sweet Aran jumpers and 40s chic.
But I didn't need to say all that 'cause basically, looook..

p.s shed a tear for Luella

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