Thursday, November 12, 2009

Her Da loves Ireland

This babe played the Academy last night. It was a sweet little concert that was filled to the brim with Marina and the Diamonds fans. It had a cosy atmosphere, kinda the same as her EP set. This was her first headline gig in Ireland. whayoo! She opened with 'Girls' and ended her set with 'Mowgli's road', before that she played a piano version of that song, after she walked off stage. Us left thinking, "is she coming back?", then BAM! she comes back out to play the faster version of 'Mowgli's road'. Amazing. She sang, danced and had some banter with the crowd. Good times. She also played her new song 'Hollywood infected your Brain', bitta lovely. If you haven't heard her songs check them out on youtube/myspace and if you'd like to follow her around check out her blog.
(it's a delight to read)

here's a clip of last niotes gig - 'Mowgli's road'

and Academy? 9squids for a drink. no thanks. but really, thanks. cos i bought it. but still... NINE!

and heres a clip from youtube of the gig.

We also made a new friend, as we ran to the bus in the lashings of rain we came across Ray.( he's a masso leaf)

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