Tuesday, November 17, 2009

PSA for all hipsters

Next time you consider purchasing the elusive and indie Polaroid camera to create sweet memories such as these

Consider this, the film is hella expensive and hard to get ( great use of it above there..) and your two cameras will sit in your room, empty, mocking you. Also they are way big and delicate. Care must be taken, not my strong point.

See this photo, taken on a digital camera? It cost me nothing.

I realise I have two and no, there is no good reason, let this also be a warning about the perils of late night ebaying. Most especially when you know your mam's passwords.

But i kid, I'm shameless hipster scum, I heart my polaroids and if any kind soul'd like to donate roundabouts 17 yokes so I can buy some film all the better

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