Friday, March 5, 2010

Don't know if I should tell you this but..

ASOS now accept Laser cards, this means you no longer have the all important buffer between seeing something and persuading your ma to give you her credit card. So, I dunno if you guys know this but it is my birthday in exactly a week...
On an unrelated note, they stock TBA. Now that Luella's gone tits up it's the go to label for pretty, feminine, kindasorta affordableish, dresses. Nice, right? Check their website here.

(I know the photo is from the Urban website but it's just a better picture, they do sell it on ASOS though)

Another website only too happy to take Laser is Cdwow, not only can you buy all your sweet indie films and books on here (I got an Edie Sedgwick bio AND Harold and Maude!) they also sell megacheap make up. Por ejemplo, Lanc├┤me Oscillation mascara for 22 bones, it's like, 32 in Brown Thomas plus you get none of their sniffy 'tude and loyalty card pushing ways. Besides all the fun you'll have receiving packages and playing with the vibrate function on your new mascara (minds out of the gutter, please) it came gift wrapped, if that's not a sign of some deity approving of my spending I don't know what is.
Obviously it wasn't the shop doing it to encourage further purchasing, guh.

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