Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I said God Damn! God Damn...

It seems I bought rather a lot of things, and there I thought I'd lost my mojo. Self imposed ban on the consumerist frenzy is in order I feel. Check the Sgt Pepper Jacket! Also, it's only my burdee dress in the pile too. Like a game b'cept in games I'm not bankrupt...
In London news, those free papers have subsided so, I dunno about how bad you felt for the paper-hander-outters but, I can now make it down Oxford Street without ending up with at least seven of the same rag. Also, it seems every second lady has a Mulberry and I even spotted an Alexa at the Portobello Market on this wealthy Italian babe. Bitch. And shamefacedly made my way over to a market stall and bought my notsevenhundredsquids poor substitute..which is still awesome, just not THE bag. Fuuuck I wanna go back.

P.S Grizzly Bear were fucking AMAZING. See them live afore you die, thank me after.

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