Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So here be the result of the camera i got. 4 snaps in 1. strue.
It works best outside as i had a lottt of dark ones.
Note to self: ONLY use outside

Didn't really want to put this picture up but it made me laugh. Am i sneezing? Being a Monkey? Singing?? No no, i wouldn't sing in my backgarden. The neighbours would hear.
Who knows. Not even me. I can't remember. but the more i look at it the more i think i was being a monkey.

This one is Scribbles jumping onto my lap its shows how the camera works. Drew a lil arrow to follow the story.

Scribbles toughts.

1. Oh there i am, peeking at the top right. Fingers cross i make it. She better not move!
2. oeuf, i'm not quite there. Bit of a blur but ya know where i'm heading. YOUR LAP.
3. YUS! 2 paws down, another 2 to go.
4. Totes going to make it. Why haven't my back paws landed yet?


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