Monday, May 10, 2010


Hotly anticipated and although a bittova anticlimax cos I arrive into work bright eyed and bushy tailed to see the new make up that they've been pushing for the past month and I spy a puny stand hidden away in the basement. Anyways, finally got a proper look after my shift finished and had an aul play (filths) with all the lovely things. First impressions? Mega cheap and not in a bad way. Like, I got a crayon-thing that's pretty much a dead ringer for MAC shadesticks for something like €7.50 (cos the topshop discount applies to the makeup, niiiice) and the pigmentation on it is amazing (see in in action here). Lovely proper gold, and I'm a firm believer in the 'it's difficult to fuck up gold and shit-tons of black eyeliner' on the eyes front. Skilled at maquillage I am not, but this seems to have been working out ok for me. Anyway, I think the strong point here is the coloured stuff as the tinted moisturiser felt kinda nasty and although I've not trialled it yet myself I remain suspicious of the mascara. Also excited to try the powder highlighter cos if it works like I hope it'll be kinda like a powdery version of Benefit's highbeam which, obvi, I love but doesn't always blend so good over my powdery top layer of make up.

In other news I seem to have in my possession a pair of hareem pants. I'm not sure how this happened, whether it's purely a result of being surrounded by them for 3 months solid or if they are, in fact, actually nice? I'll trial them and see how many catcalls I get on the way to school, always a joy when cycling to the library.

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