Friday, May 28, 2010


I snakily got a last minute ticket to Marina in tripod last night. Being the brats that we are, we scored some mad posh reserved seating on the balcony. Smashing seats apart from the couple in front heavily petting like creeps. At the beginning she was wearing these lovely mickey mouse dungarees big WANT, then her cheerleader ensemble for hollywood infecting her brain, and then for the last song she had another bewildering costume change into a bambi cloak of some sort. I have no idear where one would acquire such a garment, must be from Numb was my favorite warra tune

General gist , she is A1 and all that but I mean to say she only sang loike minimal number of songs and had loike three costume changes. It was a sweet concert but. She is speeding to the top of the pops faster than a firebolt, I would hark a warning- check yo'self diamandis. She was endearing when she was all tiny and humble, still is now but my spidey senses are tingling she could sway. that'd be sad

xoxo bad em

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