Thursday, May 6, 2010

Want it!

I was watching some of exposé yesterday and ya wan Diana Vickers was on. Can't remember what they were yapping on about.. it sounded like she had a cold but i dunno if that's just how she talks.. but during their pointless chit chatting they were showing clips from her new song 'Once'. This clip flashed by with her in this Lamb like cardigan with a lil face on the hood, but i wasn't sure cos the clip was short. This woolie jumper cardigan thing was on my mind for agess, i knew that i have seen it somewhere before. Then i remebered. Marina and the Diamonds. I saw a picture of her yonks ago on BBC Radio 1 with host Nick Grimshaw. So..i youtubed the video dreding to watch the whole thing thinking the clip of her wearing it was near the end. Thankully it wasn't. I did watch the whole video seems annoying in it. It is fun to pause it then it looks like she's making a weird face. i was bored. anyway.. watch it here and you'll see her wearing it at the 44second mark. I do want the lamb cardi tho.. can't find it anywhere.

Oh and a heads up, Marina and the Diamonds will be playing here October the 27th and it's in the sweet little venue that is Vicar Street. Tickets go on sale tomorrow (the 7th), price - 23yoyos, but prob €25 with ticketmasters service charge. Should be a bit good alright.

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