Friday, May 14, 2010

slahh dust bunnies.

Today i was told to clean my room. I haven't cleaned it in about 3 months. It was gross. The amount of dust under my bed was unreal. I threw out a good bit of crap (mostly paper) but some i just had to hold on to. I started at 13:45 and i just finished now kinda at 17:10. Took some pics of the state that is my room. I just seemed to move everything, hoover where it was then but it back. There's to many wires in my room, half of them i don't know where they came from. well..Enjoy!

cluter under the bed.

These two boxes are filled to the brim with memories. Cannot dispose anything from them. for example. that brown bear. when i was like 5 or somet i tied him to a plastic bag kinda like a parachute, threw him up into the air. a strong wind got a hold of him and carried him down to the laneway. Boberta said i was crying with laughter as we watched it fly away.

My shoes mostly consist of cons.

I made this for the JC. was going to throw it out but i couldn't. you stay broken clay guitar.

My TYs in their box under my bed. ah their all so squished. sorry guys.

There was no more room on the floor so on to the bed they went.

why do i still have that hub?? it's pointless thought i threw it out and i didn't this time. back it went .

Stack o cds and a bag full o dvds.

My lovely top of the pops bag that i got free with something a long long time ago, think my piano books are in there. Mr. Cactus Jack hides there in that corner and the tinman Smyths mam got me as i played the tinman in primary school. i was wrapped in tin foil.

Some o those mags, Mongeral.

Here's everything to oneside of the room, yeh i didn't have to open the typewritter case..but i did. agh to much stuff in this tiny box-room.

Found my Leaving Cert Biology notes. Didn't know these were still in my room.

Some sweet tiny books.

So here we have a masso Mighty Boosh poster that Susan stole for me. I can't put it on my wall as it eats it. The painting that looks like old greg with a womb nose is meant to be me. Thank you susan for that one. When Boberta 1st saw it she was a tad confused.,it's not on my wall. Got my Junior Cert art stuff in grey what else.Patrick Star teddy..

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