Monday, July 26, 2010

Although I've Zero Funds

A very kind tipoff resulted in myself and ClickClikDccker hitting up the fabled €1.50 sale in Ritzy Rags on Bolton Street. Too good to be true, I know, riiiight?! Their stock is mega sweet cos of a deal struck up with a french charity meaning they get in some awesome Parisian threads. As if this wasn't good enough at regular charity shop prices every now and again they do a €1.50 sale. Which does exactly what it says on the tin really. Everything in the shop is a mere one fiddy unless, of course, it's less. All this and it's for a good cause. Pretty much guilt free shopping? Oh, fangs.
Here's my haul anyways. Autumn, bring it.

Why yes, that is a tweed jacket with elbow patches. I'll be employing this with shitloads of layers in Prague to stay toasty whilst looking both intelligent and dignified. I've got this dressing for a different, icy, city stuff down pat.
Total cost of all the lovely tings? €8.30.
Oh, that just feels so good. One more time. €8.30. Nice.

Close up of saweet tuxedo shirt and paisley tie. Om nom.

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