Thursday, July 1, 2010

antics in the kitchen. but not really.

I was just in the kitchen and i noticed that the Fairy washingup liquid went back to its original packaging.then noticing it is for its 50th anniversary but still I think it's quite cute. They should go back to that design. So when i noticed that i felt i had to take a picture of it then blog. This will be a dull post about my kitchen but more about what is in my fridge.

I've said noticed 3 times there. unnecessary
actually twice. i can't count.
wait no, 3 times.

These eggs will be used tomorrow for a lovely fry. nam nam.

So we've got some toms, rocket leaves, bowl full of watermelon sliced up..ehh some pink ladies there in the juice. which is amazing. Flora butter. some grapes, digestive biscuits, apro soya milk (Leona's), some rashers in the other draw, half a cucumber and some fish sauce, oh and some smoked cod. really hope that's tomorrow s dinner. fingers crossed.

And this stuff! GROSS! i can't stand sparkling water. When i was away i kept buying masso bottles of water (thinking it was just normal water) then to hear a fizz release when i twisted the cap. a lil piece of me would die every time i heard that 'fiiizzzzzzzzzzzz'. Nobody likes you carbonated water!!! and knowing me people that will read this will be all.. 'actually i like that water', for the people that have the same dislike to this sham of a water this is for you.

This was today's dinner. Spa-get-he and garlic bread, which was whop or 'lush' as the English folk would say. hmm this isn't really the best come-back blog post i was hoping for, but it's better than nothing.. righttt???

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