Saturday, July 10, 2010

k, i must seem like some sort of hunga with all my food related posts..

Some days i am, but this day was a special day as we went OUT for dinner. very fancy, i know.
Myself, Stack and Nolan went to the restaurant , The Yacht, the one in Clontarf across from Beachcode. As we were all out the night before in filth city that is Fibbers we were hungover and hungry. extremely hungry. you have no idea. I got the food shakes. Since Stacks Dad (Rory) is the head chef there and has won the title of 'Best Carvery of the year'....the best in Ireland!. We said we'd go, we were late for the carvery so we got other sweet nice things.

I like how i get right in their faces as they try to eat. nice.

Nolan got Fish and a salad and a side order of garlic cheese potatos.
(the ones from the telly)

Stack got prawn n beef curry with rice n some chips.
Her first time to have it. It went down a treat.

I got a fish pie and the same side as Nolan.
It was Whop and it wasn't crazy hot so i could dig into it straight away.

This be the garlic cheese potato side.


After we consumed everything we had a lovely walk from clontarf to drumcondra road to get the bus. Oh how it rained on that walk but at least our food digested. Griffith Avenu is long, very long and straight, it seems some what never ending.

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