Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Do Rag or Don't Rag?

So on Friday we set about town scouting for some fashionable swines. We encountered many people with great style and some serious don't rags also but these three photos really stand out for me.
In the first photo we can see the "eggheads," as they wanted to be referred to as. The combo really stand out from the crowd by using a stunning colour co-ordination of their tshirts. The bright blue contrasts charmingly with the deep red fabric on the tall chap to the right. All in all the eggheads are babes and they get a DURAG for thier efforts to feed us style hungry with their great style.
The guy in the second photo is wearing a Ralph Lauren polo sweatshirt, gotta love a label! He also has a great natural fashion blogger posing technique. That being said, i feel that the boring beige colour really drowns out his naturally beautiful pale skin. I think the sweatshirt material is too heavy for SS09 and a lighter tshirt would work so much better in the mild weather we have been enjoying of late. Babe you're getting a DontRag for your efforts in this photo. Nice try but better look next time.
Finally in the last photo we can see Bruno (he's prob called Bruno right?!?). He has great style. He was really friendly and was chuffed to be asked to pose for our blog. His sultry smile and his sallow skin are a great match for his Giorgio Armani sunnies. He sure knows how to strike a pose also, and Noel Gallagher would be well jealous of his jacket. DURAG of the highest order is bestowed onto you Bruno you babe...
Hedwig xo

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