Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Vote Vote Vote For De Valera...

Does anyone remember singing that song in their youth? It's clever to indoctrinate young girls with a sweet skipping song that ends in "...cos we dont want Cosgrave anymore". Anyway, the main point of this post is to make sure that all you indie kings and queens are going to exercise your democratic right to vote.

June the 5th

Just don't do a Paris Hitlon (and I dont mean get papped nickless falling out of a pink limo)
make sure you're on the voter register before you head to the voting station.


Everyone must turn up and have their say as without an active interest in politics we style queens may face dark days of taxes on skinny jeans and raybans, embargos on topshop imports or what about a society in which headbands and lifestyle/fashion blogs are banned.If you really dont cuur, graffiti your ballot with some cheeky hedwig quote to boost our exposure.

P.S. wasn't Dev such a chic geek?babe. heart the glasses