Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I completely forgot to write about a proper do-rag spotting which occured last friday night. So I went to this sweet Motown show in the SHelix. One of the lovely performing singers, who looked a bit like snoop-dog was wearing a proper do-rag, I tried to pap him after the show but desafortunadamente he had removed his do-rag. It was just another definite sign of Jamrag's influence in style trends. Found the clip below of the magical show
check out the first 20 secs of this clip for the do-rag styling

p.s i presume as usual i am probably the slowest on the uptake but I did not know there was an actual dublin fashion blog in real life. And as if by accident or on purpose, but comical neverthelesss, it appears that our blog comes across like a complete mockery of their
pretentious-rebel blog.

Is this a lovely coicidence or just proper genius ???

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  1. Links to the real one so I can laugh at it?