Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SO last night we found a totally new indie hangout in the bushes in albert college park. Just over past the playground we found narnia. Think of that episode of skins when the gang go camping in the forest and you've got it! So right, we drank our cider and were ready to hit the hub in dcu to see a one man band. The night ended abruptly, but we were still up for the BUZZ. Said buzz consisted of eating sweet 4 in 1's engulfed in black beaner sauce(shout out to the Magic Wok). We scoffed down the chinese goodness on the concrete green round the corner from me gaff then off to bed with us it was.

Ps .totally stoked to be finished college on Friday, not so much looking forward to the exams tho :(

Pps. shout out to Dr. Flano Mc your letter today babycakes, loved it.

Hedwig xo

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