Sunday, June 28, 2009

cat man doo

so on my travels I did almost got cavity searched on my way through Dehli airport but i dropped the hedwig blogger card and got off scott free.. our fame has spread far and east.
I is sitting in a dark sweaty internet cafe with my hedwig shopper by my side (timeless piece it can travel anywhere and still works you know) my hair is quite similar to that episode of friends when monica's hair goes fro-ish due to humididty. (i look quite like a wild irish woman).

this place is mad but totally bitchin. it is hard to describe the streets but i will give it a bash so picture dollee'r street, junior night, the youths are tripping on bad em's and the coppers are trying to confiscate their VK ...throw in a few wee childers and cows running and galloping about and you have it.

It's only my second day i miss the streets of Dublin a wee bit i am gagging for a birra brown bread and some meat (everyone is a herbivore here so no sweet beef jerky for me)

Peace out Bad m

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  1. adriann boland couldnt have given a more vivid description. good you are safe