Friday, June 5, 2009

Quotes from Jade Goody's autobiography: Part 1

After a prologue and 4 pages:

On her mam:

"I remember when i first got pubes. I was so proud of them. Then my mum leant over the bath with a razor and shaved them into a heart shape!"

"She taught me to roll my first spliff aged four, then captured the whole proud event by taking a photo"

Her dad wasn't quite as cool:

"He was found overdosed in the toilet of a KFC restaurant - which must go down as one of the classiest exits in history"

So fashion forward her head must've been in a vacuum: 

"We'd get really dressed up...a white skirt and a white shirt with little black stick men and women all over it"

"I was actually a chav before they were given a name"

On her face:

"I can't help my face, thats just the way I was born"

And, just because this is a bit funny:

"Jade...was arrested for shoplifting in Selfridges when she was a teenager. She was caught because she went back to ask for carrier bags for her stolen goods"