Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mrs Quinn, You Are A Babe

HIT a few of the charity shops in the Drumcompton/Fibsburrow area yesterday. Out of Oxfam, C.A.S.A , Aware, Enable Ireland, the Mater and tonnes more; Mrs Quinns was defs a winner. She has a fine stock of silk scarfs at two yokes a piece, not to mention her treasure chest of belts that retail at 50cent a go. Look out for her fabulous topshop imitation with silver buttons and shoulder pads, had I broader shoulders I would have shelled out the 4 quid for such a gem. On the way home we stopped off for a break in the Blessington Basin park where we got told off twice for cycling. We made it in time to spend our last pennys in the two yokes shop in Botanics. Not a bad day really

Here's what I got:

for sure the pictures are too big


  1. think you should buy the topshop imitaion, you know ya want to

  2. the topshop one's on sale now actually, soz, this probably should've been said weeks ago