Friday, June 12, 2009

Launch Night Delights (this may be a little fictional)

So sorry about the delay in posting these pics but we have spent the last week trying Sherlock Holmes style to track down the gypos what robbed ShuvOnYourKnicks purse. The trail led us through many horrificly dangerous encounters including flaming acordion duels and bare backed donkey races, some hedwigs did not make it and we had to go on without them (RIP). Unfortunately the trail dried up they were too quick and sneaky. We never retrieved her sweet purse that contained her student travel card, the most highly prized possession of any student. Below are a few snaps of the nights events that I thought were lovely

lovely use of props (hats off sir)

the hedwig brand is catching on this was papped on the street

do rag stylin as usual

some babes havin a dance

not really ugly megan quite sweet in fact

use of nipples is well fancy top marks

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